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Vision. Execution. Detail.

Results driven. Our goal is to offer you high-quality, professional and innovative solutions to your meeting planning, entertainment, and speaker needs that will save you time and your organization money. Three things that set Memorable Meetings' services apart: creative vision, flawless execution and detail mania.


Recent News

       December 18, 2014
Key #5 to a Memorable Meeting
Key #5- INSPIRED INNOVATION The last Key to a Memorable Meeting is a hard one to find sometimes, but if you have ever experienced the feelings of amazement that are produced at a meeting when ...    continue >>>
       December 12, 2014
Keys #3 & #4 to a Memorable Meeting
Keys #3 & #4- Personalization & Customization An amazing toothpaste story Sometimes the personal touch at a meeting is not contrived, but comes naturally by someone that just loves ...    continue >>>
       December 4, 2014
Key #2 to a Memorable Meeting
Key #2- THE POWER OF THE UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! “When I walked in my room I was blown away…” At our recent Good to Extraordinary Business Partnerships for Meeting Planning Excellence ...    continue >>>
       November 26, 2014
5 Keys to a Memorable Meeting
5 KEYS TO A MEMORABLE MEETING Last week we shared critical elements in turning a good meeting into an extraordinary meeting.  The last tool you need for this, is actually a set of 5 Keys ...    continue >>>
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